A recent published study showed improved vision in patients with dry age-related macular degeneration (AMD)


Georgiou T, Neokleous A, Nikolaou D, and Sears B. "Pilot study for treating dry age-related macular degeneration (AMD) with high-dose omega-3 fatty acids." PharmaNutrition 2:8-11 (2014)


Omega 3 Supplementation could improve Computer Related Dry  Eye Symptoms


In our busy world of mobile phones, tablets, and the increasing number of daily computer activity for extended periods of time, research is showing that computer related eye problems are common. Computer vision syndrome is when people experience one or more of the following symptoms: eye strain, tired eyes, headache, vertigo/dizziness, difficulty refocusing eyes, burning of eyes, redness in the eyes, blurred or double vision, backache and neck pain. According to the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health 90% of people who spend three hours or more a day at a computer have symptoms of computer vision syndrome, for which dry eye treatment is one of the symptoms that people are usually treated for [1].

Rahul Bhargava et el.[2] assessed consumption of omega-3 fatty acids on dry eye symptoms.


70% of patients were symptom free in contrast to 14.9% in the placebo group at the end of 3 months.

Kangari et el.[3] also showed a significant 26% reduction in dry eye symptoms compared to a 4% reduction to placebo after only 30 days of supplementation with 600mg EPA + DHA per day.

Besides increasing your omega-3 intake other things, according to WebMD, that you can do to treat dry eyes are: use a humidifier, decrease excessive air movement (fans), warm compresses on eyes, artificial tears/eyedrops, and take breaks while watching TV or reading.

Do you have eye issues when working at a computer or while driving at night? If yes, you might want to consider increasing your omega-3 intake either from fatty fish (salmon, black cod, tuna…etc) or from an omega-3 (EPA + DHA) supplementation.

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